Transactional Services

1. Host to Host Payments

Centralizes and streamlines your bulk payments and collections processes with an integrated electronic gateway.


  • Helps with regional centralization, reconciliation, rationalization of systems, integration and automation of processes when developing treasury, shared service centers and payment factories
  • Allows you to communicate with your banks via a single connection in common, standardized industry formats – avoiding different login protocols specific to each bank’s system
  • Connect and exchange data and submit bulk payments and collection instructions for automatic clearing and settlement


2. E-Tax payments

Common Cash Receipt System (CCRS) allows KCB Customer visits the branch and pays tax and allows real time update on the online system.


  • Real time updates: At the click of a button RRA will confirm that you have made your tax payment.
  • Security: The platform is secure, RRA receives the tax payment the moment the Bank receives it and the tax payer receives a receipt confirming the payment has been made.
  • Convenience: Tax payment can take place anywhere in the country and all RRA offices will be aware that payment has been made in real time.
  • Modes of Payment: The tax payer has the option of different modes of payment i.e. they can pay in cash, standing order, cheque or bankers’ cheque from another Bank.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Open to all – KCB and non-KCB customers.


3. Salary processing

This service allows you to outsource the entire cash payroll processing. All you need to do is forward payroll schedules to the Bank


  • Real time confirmation of salary payments.
  • Ease of Reconciliation


4. Supplier payment


5. Collections and reconciliations solutions

Ease of cash management in a centralized account


  • Ease of cash management in a centralized account
  • Ease of reconciliation by use of Straight Through Processing  (STP) file upload to customer systems

Qualifying Criteria

  • All account opening requirements


6. E-statements

Online access to your company accounts from the comfort of your offices.


  • Real time confirmation of transactions.
  • Ease of Reconciliation

Qualifying Criteria

  • Internet access


7. KCB Quick pay

Software which the Bank installs into your computer systems to enable interchange of data for purposes of effecting direct credit and debit transactions


  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Handling of bulk payments
  • Generation of reports


8. Bulk cash processing

Cash collection and delivery service to and from the bank in an armored vehicle.


  • Mitigates risks of moving cash between the customers’ premises and the bank, and vice versa.


9. Bulk cheque collection

Our dedicated courier partners will collect your daily cheque receipts from your office premises and deliver them for banking into your account


  • Timely and efficient collection process.


10. Bulk cheque processing

The instructions for te cheque printing are initiated from the customer’s office, and remitted to the Bank via a secure file for bulk printing and delivery.


  • Automation of cheque deposits at customer site
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Ease of reconciliation


11. Global cheque deposit

Customers are now able to deposit their Cheques and cash deposits conveniently located Branch within the KCB network.


  • Can deposit in any KCB branch across any of the 6 Eastern African markets.

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