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Our aim is to attract, nurture, develop and retain the most talented people available and support them in expanding their skills and capabilities to ensure that the KCB Group is the destination of choice for the brightest talents in the industry.



Diversity in our workforce adds great value to our core business by helping us understand customers from all walks of life and enabling us to provide compelling products for our customers. An inclusive workplace culture helps us attract the most talented people from all backgrounds.

Through our Policy, the Bank is committed to valuing and promoting Diversity in all areas of recruitment, employment, training and promotion. At KCB, we create an environment that is based on merit and inclusiveness, where all employees can develop their full potential, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, age, disability, religious belief and personal political opinion.


Development & Training

Development & Training:

People achieve more when they are supported and motivated to develop their careers and acquire new skills. We have wide variety of training programs available to all our employees to ensure that they are constantly developing their knowledge and skills set.


Employee Programme

These programs include, but are not limited to:

Employee Programme

Employee Programme

As part of the Bank’s commitment to develop, nurture, grow and retain high-caliber talent, we have developed several programs to ensure our people have the right tools and resources to reach their full potential within the bank. These programs include but are not limited to:


  • Our Internship Program provides opportunities for a selected number of outstanding students who are passionate about the Banking Industry and understanding our businesses through hands-on experience.
  • This program gives exceptional students the opportunity to get a head start on a banking career with KCB Group. We provide students with the chance to explore their talents coupled with the guidance to develop them productively. At KCB Group, you will be trained on how to recognize opportunities, take the initiative, give back to the community, and lay solid foundations for your career.


  • This program gives graduates hands on banking experience by assigning participants to different roles within the Bank.  Opportunities are available to complete business-driven projects during the placement or to specialize in a particular area, such as Customer Service, Retail Banking, Marketing and Corporate Services among others.
  • The program offers a competitive entry-level graduate salary and job placement opportunities at one of our Divisions upon successful completion.


  • Our long and successful history has been built on the strength of our dedicated, highly professional team of talented people and we have placed great emphasis on the training and personal development of our staff. Our Management Trainee Programme is open to high calibre talent who possess at least a first degree, best in class qualifications and have potential to be our future leaders. The two-year Management Trainee Programme presents participants with challenging opportunities within the Bank, with the aim of further developing their management skills set.
  • Throughout this programme, employees are not only exposed to on-the-job training, but also partake in class training sessions and e-learning courses. In addition to this, each Management Trainee is assigned an experienced senior executive to pass on their excellent expertise and skills, in order to help them attain new levels of professionalism. As we expand our reach across the globe, we are committed to training talented young managers to reinforce our development drive.


  • The Group Management Development Exchange Program (MDEP) is part of the Talent Management Framework, developed in 2007 to accelerate the development of high potential talent through exposure to development roles in the Group companies. Through this program, employees are able to:
    • Enhance their expertise through skills transfer across the Group Companies 
    • Build broad based cross cultural experience
    • Gain further exposure to development opportunities across the Group Companies
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