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We understand what your business needs are. This is an account built for flexibility. It allows you to transact from any KCB branch to another within the KCB Group network with effortless ease through our branch platform. Stay on top of your business finances with the KCB Corporate Current Account



1. Limited Liability Company

a.) Burundian Private Limited Company (SPRL and S.A)

  • Certificate of registration
  • Copy of NIF certificate
  • Notarized Board resolution/ Extract from companies:

a) Resolving to open account

b) Listing authorized persons/ signatories

c) Specifying mode of signing for mandates 

  • Founding documents - Articles of association stamped by API or notarized (Statutes)
  • Duly filled account opening Form
  • For each of the signatories, all requirements for individual personal account (Burundian or Foreign)


  • A private company must have at least one (1) director who is a natural person. % of ownership of directors to be indicated on the application form
  •  A person below 18 years of age cannot be a company director
  • Business registered before 2011 have to harmonize their identification documents to API standards

For Registered Business

  • Certified copy of registration
  • Founding documents (the Partnership Deed or Partnership Agreement)
  • For each partner/ signatory – All the requirements for personal individual accounts as per above
  • Copy of NIF (OBR certificate)
  • Notarized Minutes designating signatories and signing mandate
  • Duly filled account opening form

b.) Foreign Companies (Company Incorporated Outside Burundi)

  • Official document from relevant Ministry (ministere de tutelle) authorizing to operate in Burundi (where applicable)
  • Contract with government or united nations or recognized international organization (where applicable)
  • Notarized Certificate of incorporation/ registration from the country where the company is registered
  • Notarized Founding documents- memorandum and articles of association from the country where the company is registered
  • Notarized PIN certificate from the country where the company is registered
  • Copy of OBR NIF Certificate
  • Board Resolution listing the authorized representatives/signatories and mode of operation Notarized by Burundian notary
  • Duly filled account opening form
  • Full identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) is required. (Refer to Appendix B)
  • FATCA forms where necessary – If directors or company has U.S. connection and entitled to pay tax to the U.S. government (Refer to Appendix E)
  • For Natural Person – All documents as per the individual personal account for each of the signatories
  • All documents received from overseas should be witnessed by a notary public (Refer to Appendix C)

NB: High Risk: Deputy MD to approve alongside Branch Manager

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