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Corporate Financing

Through our resources, we are well placed to ensure that our corporate and institutional customers meet their financial and capital raising needs. Go ahead with us.

  • Syndicated Term Loans

    Looking for long-term financing for a large project? A syndicated term loan is the best bet. Being a curation of various lenders, it works perfectly for both parties, allowing for diversification of credit risk for the bank and the full funding for the customer.

  • Corporate Bonds

    Through investing in bonds, you can raise funds for your short to medium term projects. With our expertise, we enable our clients to obtain financing for long-term projects and large ticket expenditure programs.



    1. Improved returns on project

    By lowering the cost of funds you will obtain a fixed or floating rate pricing from the market, thus improving the total return from your project.

    1. Enjoy a fixed rate

    Obtain fixed rate pricing from the bond market and thus lock-in your funding costs for the duration of the borrowing period.

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