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Short Term Financing

Is your business in need of financing for a short-term project or the acquisition of an asset? Our loan products are designed with your needs in mind. 

  • Working Capital Loans

    Your business needs to be liquid in order to run its day-to-day processes. We are here to ensure that operations run smoothly so you can focus on providing the best service while growing your business.



    1. Flexibility in withdrawal

    The customer can draw money as needed from time to time, as long as the overdraft limit is not exceeded.

    1. Low cost

    The cost of borrowing is low, since interest is only charged on the overdrawn balance.

    1. Improved liquidity

    It improves the customers’ liquidity position, allowing the business to run smoothly.

  • Seasonal Loans

    Don’t be caught in a mess. If you have a business emergency or need to service a particular need, then this is the financial plan for you. With the great rates and quick approval, you will literally be saving time and money.



    1. Friendly terms

    Pay back the loan flexibly over a period of 6 months.

    1. Quick approval

    Enjoy a quicker approval and disbursement process for your loan and have your cash almost instantly.

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