• Dual Currency Deposit

    Dual Option Currency deposits (DOCUs) are structured products for our clients who want a higher return on their investments by providing a fixed rate of interest above that paid by a traditional money-market investment, but has no capital protection.

    Their tenor is usually one to three months.

  • Short-Term Credit Loans

    You can borrow short term loans with or without an approved loan in place. They are extended for up to 6 months, with their interest rates determined by the Treasury Bill.

  • Treasury Bids & Bonds

    Looking for a stable and risk-free way to grow your money? Treasury Bills and Bonds are a surefire investment that can be a stable source of income. KCB invest in Treasury Bills and Bonds on your behalf.

  • Call Deposits

    Sign up for Call Deposit; an interest-bearing investment account that allows you to withdraw your money from the account without a penalty. Enjoy the various benefits, such as withdrawing from your account without prior notification to the bank.

  • Fixed Deposits

    Grow your money with our Fixed Deposit account. Our competitive interest rate will have you reach your goal faster. The interest applies to local and foreign currencies; and will only be accrued if the money remains in the account for the agreed tenor.